Connect Notion with Google tasks and say goodbye to duplicating tasks!

With Pleexy’s integration you can automatically sync tasks from Notion to Google tasks and keep them updated on both ends. Any updates made to a task in one app will be reflected in the other.

How it works

Pleexy creates a seamless 2-way sync between your Notion databases and Google tasks projects, allowing you to save time and keep focus on the task at hand.

Creating a Connection is fast, easy, and reliable. Just complete the no code 5-step setup process and you’ll find your synced tasks in your projects!


How Pleexy works

Fields you can sync between Notion and Google tasks

Fields to sync Fields to sync

“A complete and accurately defined list of projects, kept current and reviewed on at least a weekly basis, is a master key to stress-free productivity.”

David Allen - Father of the GTD methodology

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Notion integration enables you to sync your Notion databases with Google Tasks and keep them synced.

We can’t do that yet. But we’re trying to make it happen. If you want to keep updated on it, add your vote to the feature request in our feedback portal.

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You'll get 14 days to test our product. If you haven't updated to one of our subscriptions by then, all your connections will be paused for 2 weeks, and after that all your data will be removed from our platform.