Take control of your tasks

no matter where they are.

Professional life can be overwhelming with emails, meeting notes, Trello, Jira and other systems. You need to stay on top of what needs to be done, but end up wasting time clicking around to find all your tasks.

Pleexy helps you take control of your tasks and saves you time by bringing them all into your preferred task manager.

Never lose track of

important tasks

ever again

Never lose track of important emails, action items from meeting notes, or Trello cards. Pleexy keeps your prefered task manager (Todoist, Wunderlist) updated with all your tasks from all your different applications.

See how it works

Always know

what’s next

Prioritizing tasks across multiple applications is hard.
Having them all in your task manager with Pleexy helps you easily set priorities - and quickly adjust them.
You always know what’s on top of the list based on due dates and priorities, no matter where the task came from.

Stay productive

with your prefered task manager

We know you love your task manager. Since it’s built around productivity, why not take advantage of that for all your tasks? Pleexy doesn’t replace your task manager - it enables you to take full advantage of its potential by channelling your tasks into it.

Pleexy helped thousands of people
to take control of their tasks.

We connected over 5,000,000 tasks from 14 different systems

Producer, Photographer

Missing a lot of things on my to-do list at the end of the day was becoming a problem for me and Pleexy was exactly what I was looking for. It’s better than anything I discovered before.

Marketing Director

Pleexy is for anyone who wants to keep all their tasks just where they are without wasting time switching from one app to another. This is the most productive I’ve ever been and if you want the same results, Pleexy is your best bet.

Software Developer

Pleexy makes it so easy to categorize my mail while it automatically converts them into tasks in my Todoist. What I like most is the consistent experience it provides across a wide range of platforms. It has transformed the way I manage my projects and run my business on a daily basis.

Creative Development

I used to spend so much time organizing my projects from different apps but with Pleexy, everything is synced and automated. I’ve used other tools to set up similar connections before but none of them were as user-friendly as Pleexy. It’s one of the most reliable productivity tools I’ve used to date.

Unleash your productivity with PLEEXY